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Please provide your email address. The address must be valid and must be one that you check regularly. This address will be used to identify you to the mystery shopping system.

You will also create a NEW password. Our password security has been increased and your password must be secure. The password must NOT include any actual words or proper nouns. You can not use sequences such as 1234. Use random letters and numbers! Example: DLTS4872

During the course of completing your registration, you will be asked to provide your correct Social Security number OR Tax ID number as required by the IRS. Submitting an incorrect Social Security number could delay or prevent any payments to you. Neither email addresses nor any other information about you will be shared with any third party without your express permission. If you prefer not to provide your SS # on our secured site, you can go to the IRS.GOV site and obtain a free Tax ID # to provide instead. We must have this information for all of our independent contractors as we do not want to track it down when we're ready to pay you for jobs you complete.

We do not need a completed W-9 as the information we ask during the registration process captures everything on the W-9.

Please add the address to your address book and/or white lists to prevent registration emails from this system from being mistakenly identified as spam. Contact your ISP for help if you're not familiar with how to do this.

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